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About Us

Local 983
NYC Motor Vehicle Operators


Joe Puleo

Telephone Number


We Work As
Local 983 members work in 18 different job titles in all five boroughs as Asbestos Handlers, Assistant City Highway Repairers, Associate Park Service Workers, Associate Urban Park Rangers, City Seasonal Aides, High Pressure Plant Tenders, Motor Transport Workers, Motor Vehicle Operators, Motor Vehicle Operator Supervisors, Senior Motor Vehicle Operator Supervisors, Plant Filter Operators, Plant Maintainers, Skate Guards, Summer Youth Field Supervisors, Supervisor of Motor Transport Workers, Traffic Enforcement Agent Level IIIs, Traffic Enforcement Agent Level IVs, and Urban Park Rangers.

We Work In
The CUNY Senior and Community Colleges, Police Department, Fire Department, Administration for Childrenís Services, Department of Social Services, Department of Homeless Services, Department of Corrections, Department of Employment, Department of Cultural Affairs, Financial Information Service
Agency, Department of Youth and Community Development, Community Boards in the Bronx and Queens, Office of Economic Development, Housing Preservation and Development, Department of Health, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Sanitation, Department of Transportation, Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of Design and Construction, Department of Records and Information Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Citywide Administrative Services, District Attorney Queens County, Housing Authority, Transit Authority, Board of Education and the Health and Hospitals Corporation.