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DC 37 Health & Security Plan Benefits

Second Surgical Consultation Benefit

If a surgeon recommends elective surgery for a member or his/her covered dependents, the individual can obtain a Second Surgical Opinion from a highly trained Specialist at no cost to the member. Simply contact the Health and Security Plan’s Second Surgical Consultation Unit at 212-815-1354/1355 and we will schedule an appointment for the member or dependent with a highly trained Specialist. The Specialist will examine the records and the individual and indicate whether he/she agrees that the operation should be performed. There is no obligation to accept the recommendation of the Specialist who provides the Second Opinion. The ultimate decision on whether to have the operation will be made by the member or his/her dependent. Effective December 1, 1986 GHI-C and GHI-CBP insured members must contact the NYC Healthline for any surgery and/or hospitalization. If the member/dependent used NYC Healthline, he/she does not have to call the Second Surgical Consultation Unit.

Feel free to contact the Health & Security Plan Inquiry Unit at 212-815-1234 if you have any questions relating to the benefit.