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Community Associations

Locally, we are working hard to strengthen our community associations. They are the building blocks of our organizing efforts in neighborhoods throughout the city and are essential to addressing critical issues affecting union members and their families.

What is a DC 37 Community Association?

A DC 37 Community Association is a group of DC 37 members, retirees, their families and friends who meet quarterly (once every 3 months) in their own community to share common concerns and plan action. The union sponsors these associations to help solve local problems and to build organization in the local community. A broad range of topics is addressed at meetings. The association’s steering committee chooses the topic with input from the general membership. Community problems such as crime, drugs, transit, housing, and educational services are frequent topics. Politicians and agency representatives are invited to these meetings to hear our members’ and community residents’ problems and answer their questions. The community associations are involved in voter registration and electoral activities.

What have the community associations accomplished?

The community associations throughout the city have done many things that have made a positive impact. They have registered voters, consult with community partners and act as liaisons for the union. Most importantly, they have established a strong union presence in the community, as well as in the workplace.

How can I get involved?

DC 37 has community associations with regular meetings for the areas listed below. The meeting schedule appears in the Public Employee Press, or you can call Political Action at (212) 815-1550.

  • Co-op City
  • West Bronx
  • Central Brooklyn
  • Southern Brooklyn
  • Harlem
  • Southeast Queens
  • Flushing
  • Staten Island North Shore
  • Staten Island South Shore