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Most Frequently Asked Questions
About the PEOPLE Program

What does PEOPLE stand for?
PEOPLE stands for Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality. PEOPLE is AFSCME’s political action committee and lobbies Congress on behalf of public employees and their families.

Why should I contribute to the PEOPLE Program?
Your PEOPLE contributions are used to support politicians who understand the needs and concerns of working families. Your PEOPLE dollars strengthen DC 37 and AFSCME’s ability to influence politics and policy at all levels of government. Your PEOPLE dollars also help protect your job and quality of life.

How are my PEOPLE dollars used?
PEOPLE dollars are used in federal elections. Federal elections are Presidential, Vice Presidential, US Senate, and US House of Representative elections. PEOPLE dollars are also used to support AFSCME’s lobbying efforts on issues such as saving social security, pay equity, and the war against privatization.

Do PEOPLE dollars only go to one political party?
No. PEOPLE dollars are used to support candidates who understand the needs and concerns of labor and working families. PEOPLE politicians are men and women who respect public employees and believe in the work that we do regardless of political affiliation.

Aren’t my dues used to support the PEOPLE Program?
No. By law, Union dues cannot be used to support political candidates. The law does allow public employees to contribute politically through the PEOPLE Program.

How do I become an MVP member?
A member who contributes $2.00 weekly or $4.00 bi-weekly per pay period automatically become an MVP level PEOPLE contributor.

What do I get as an MVP member?
An MVP jacket and one PEOPLE Rewards point for every dollar you contribute. You can redeem your points for a variety of exclusive items in an online catalog of union-made merchandise.

Who do I contact when I don’t receive my MVP gift?
Contact the Political Action Dept. at (212) 815-1550.

How long do I have to contribute to PEOPLE?
PEOPLE contributions are voluntary and can be stopped at any time by contacting the PEOPLE office.

Are PEOPLE contributions tax deductible?
No. PEOPLE contributions are not tax deductible.

Can my friends contribute to PEOPLE?
No. In accordance with federal law, the DC 37 PEOPLE Committee will only accept contributions from members of locals affiliated with DC 37, AFSCME and their families.