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DC 37 Laid-off Member Services

Safety net for laid-off members

Resources for the unemployed

In addition to the assistance offered by DC 37, a number of resources are available to help laid off members find jobs and support themselves during unemployment.

Unemployment Insurance

To file an unemployment insurance claim, call 1-888-209-8124. For hearing impaired individuals, call 1-800-662-1220. Information is available on the New York State Dept. of Labor Web site at

Government services

Several federally-funded programs exist to help unemployed people, including public assistance, Supplemental Security Income, emergency food allotments, food stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Medicaid, Medicare and the WIC program. Call 800-342-3009.

Food Assistance

SHARE is a food assistance program, which provides you with approximately $35 to $45 worth of quality frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and shelf stable items at approximately 50% savings. To qualify, you must do two hours of community service. Call 1-800-595-3663 to find out about the closest Share Host Center or visit the Share website at

Employment and Training Referral Services

Workforce1 Career Centers: Workforce1 is a service provided by the NYC Department of Small Business Services that prepares and connects qualified candidates to job opportunities in New York City through career centers in all five boroughs. For details, go to

Municipal Credit Union

The Municipal Credit Union MCU will help members who are facing challenging times. From time to time, everyone faces situations in life, such as job loss, that test their resolve and leave a lasting impact on all areas of their life. MCU’s portfolio of products & services, along with the resources they have available, can help you confront the financial challenges that arise from these situations, as well as deal with the transitions that come about because of your changing financial circumstances. The MCU can be reached at (212) 693-4900.

Internet sites

Helpful Internet sites for the unemployed include (the National Employment Law Project) and of (New York Unemployment Project) which help workers fight to extend unemployment benefits; and (Freecycle New York City), an innovative project that, via e-mail, connects people who have things they want to throw away with others who can use those things — for free.