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Workplace Safety

Safe Patient Handling

New York State passed a Safe Patient Handling Act in 2014. The law provides nurses and other health-care workers, including many DC 37 members, with access to training and education on how to ensure the safety of patients and the workers who care for them.

Safe work practices, such as reducing the need to manually lift patients by using patient-assist equipment, like floor and ceiling lifts and sliding boards, have greatly reduced injuries to patients and health-care workers.

DC 37’s Safety and Health Dept. received a grant from the state Dept. of Labor’s Hazard Abatement Board to train and educate members on safe patient handling.

In 2017, the department conducted two-hour awareness and three-hour committee trainings at NYC Health + Hospitals facilities to ensure members recognize the hazards associated with patient lifting and movement. DC 37 also held a day-long educational conference on safe patient handling, with panel speakers and hands-on demonstrations of lifting equipment, along with discussions of the law and updates on Health + Hospitals’ policy.

Safe Patient Handling Information

Below are the guide, fact sheets and other documents from DC 37’s 2017 Safe Patient Handling Conference.

Fact Sheets