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Annuity Fund Plan

Death Benefits

The Annuity Fund Administrator will provide you with a Beneficiary designation form. You should use it to designate the person who will receive all or any part of your benefits remaining in the event of your death before you terminate employment with an Employer or otherwise receive a full distribution of your benefits.

The benefits to a Beneficiary are determined and payable in the manner described above. You may change your Beneficiary designation at any time (subject to the provisions of a qualified domestic relations order). If you have designated your spouse as your Beneficiary and you subsequently divorce, your former spouse will continue to be your Beneficiary unless you change your Beneficiary designation or you remarry, in which case your spouse at the time of your death will be considered your designated Beneficiary. If no Beneficiary has been designated, or your Beneficiary predeceases you, your Beneficiary is the beneficiary you designated to receive death benefits from the District Council 37 Health & Security Plan, or absent such a designation, your surviving spouse, or if none, the administrator or executor of your estate.