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About Us

Local 372 NYC Board of Education Employees


Shaun D. Francois I

Telephone Number


We Work As
Community Assistant, Community Associate, Community Coordinator, Consumer Advocates, Family Assistant, Family Associate, Family Auxiliaries, Family Auxiliary Paraprofessionals, Family Worker, Film Inspection Assistant, Health Aide, Health Service Aides, Instructor of Addiction, Junior School Neighborhood Worker, Parent Program Assistant, Principal School Neighborhood Worker, School Aide, School Crossing Guard, School Health Service Aide, School Lunch Aide, School Lunch Assistant, School Lunch Assistant (Cook), School Lunch Helper, School Lunch Loader & Handler, School Neighborhood Worker, School Neighborhood Worker (Task Force Monitors), Senior School Lunch Aide, Senior School Lunch Aide (Cook), Senior School Lunch Helper, Senior School Neighborhood Worker, Senior School Neighborhood Worker (Aide), Substitute School Lunch Helper, Substitute Senior School Lunch Helper, Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention Specialist and Task Force Monitor. Local 372 members work in a variety of job titles and at different levels. This is just a brief description of who we are and how we help make this city run.

We Work In
The New York City Department of Education and the New York City Police Department.