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Student Debt Program


DC 37’s Program to Help You Ease Your Student Debt Burden

The student debt crisis affects DC 37 members and other workers, as well as our families, and threatens the very possibility of the American dream.

Americans owe $1.45 trillion in student loan debt, a number that has tripled in the last decade as higher education costs have soared. Student loans have surpassed credit cards and auto loans to become the second biggest source of personal debt in the U.S., trailing only mortgages. Student loan debt is now 6 percent of the overall national debt.

Please join us as we:

  • Work to find new solutions and educate our communities about student loans,
  • Help DC 37 members and others in need find student debt relief, and
  • Support legislation and innovative ideas that will help make a college education more affordable for all.
Get involved/More information

To volunteer for DC 37’s Student Debt Program, host a workshop at your worksite or in your community, or just stay in touch, click here.

Would you like to get more involved and become a more active member of your union – DC 37? To stay up-to-date on DC 37’s Student Debt Program, please join our activist list. We would be happy to bring the union to your worksite or your community, provide a workshop and share resources on how we can help.

Student Debt Workshops
DC 37, Jobs with Justice, and AFSCME Next Wave have joined forces to offer student debt workshops at DC 37 headquarters for members to learn more about how to enroll in income based repayment plans, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and hear about other tools to alleviate some of the burden caused by student debt. To register for a future workshop, please click here.

For a video with more information, please click here.