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DC 37 continues to grow in membership


The union will grow by another 850 members this fall.

We have recently successfully argued with the city to represent 20 administrative titles of workers who are not performing managerial work even though their job is classified as administrative or manager.

The new DC 37 titles grew under the previous administration as a way to avoid union representation.

The DC 37 General Counsel’s Office and city conducted extensive surveys of the employees’ day-to-day duties and responsibilities. The surveys showed that their actual duties are non-managerial. A smaller portion of employees in the titles were deemed managerial and confidential based on their duties.

The union also won representation for 91 people in a newly created title, Crime Analyst, in the NYPD, whose functions include analysis and reporting of crime data by precinct.

Employees will be represented in the locals and bargaining units that are currently representing the lower titles in the career path. They will be covered by the Citywide Contract on working conditions, making the new members eligible for overtime compensation, a major improvement. Negotiations will begin in mid-October for the hiring rates and incumbent minimums. The new members are not currently subject to the recently agreed upon increases.

The reclassified employees will sign union membership cards and enroll in our DC 37 Welfare Fund benefits as in mid-October.

Another 1,000 employees in computer manger titles are now under a similar review.

In the public sector, it is not unusual for a union to represent both the line workers and their immediate supervisors. DC 37 already represents the workers in a number of titles in which this is the case.

This agreement between the union and the city expands representation rights further up the line of supervision to include administrative titles which are not actually responsible for hiring, firing or making final policy decisions.

“We are proud to welcome these new members to our Union Strong family,” DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido said.

Moira Dolan is the senior assistant director of the DC 37 Research and Negotiations Dept.

DC 37’s New Titles

Administrative Accountant
Administrative Business Promotion Coordinator
Administrative Claim Examiner
Administrative Contract Specialist
Administrative Director of Residential Child Care
Administrative Director of Social Services
Administrative Fire Protection Inspector

Administrative Graphic Artist
Administrative Horticulturalist
Administrative Investigator
Administrative Management Auditor
Administrative Parks and Recreation Manager
Administrative Public Health Nurse
Administrative Public Health Sanitarian
Administrative Real Property Manager
Administrative Retirement Benefits Specialists
Administrative Space Analyst
Administrative Tax Auditor
Crime Analyst
Manager of Radio Repair Operations
Telecommunications Manager