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Health-care watchdog praises public hospitals

WE’RE NUMBER ONE: Local 420 members like Judy Baez, who cleans Metropolitan Hospital, helped the facility become the only hospital in New York City to earn an “A” rating.
Two New York City Health + Hospitals facilities, Metropolitan Hospital and Queens Hospital, earned top grades for patient safety and cleanliness in Leapfrog’s biannual hospital grades list. They are the only two of 43 New York City-based private and public hospitals to score above a “C” grade in the Leapfrog peer review report released in April.

“These accolades are hard-earned and well-deserved acknowledgements of the efforts made by Local 420 members who work at these public hospitals,” said Local 420 President Carmen Charles. NYC Hospitals Employees Local 420 members include cleaning staff at all NYC H+H hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.

“These ratings say: ‘You are the best in the country for putting patients’ health and safety first,’” Charles added. “The members should be proud.”

Metropolitan Hospital is the only facility in New York City to earn an “A” rating for performing above average to keep accidents, errors, infections and injuries at minimum levels.

GRADE A for Queens Hospital where Local 420 members like Carolyn Carter made it the only hospital in New York City to receive an “A” rating from a non-profit group for patient safety and cleanliness.
H+H tops in the nation

Queens Hospital won an “A” rating for performing above average in patient safety and cleanliness, though its overall rating is “C.” The two hospitals rank among the best in the nation.

Leapfrog ranks New York State 48th in the country with under 6 percent of its hospitals scoring an “A” grade.

The April report said while New York City is a global capital, its hospitals, including several prestigious private hospitals, fail to measure up. With so many hospitals in New York City performing at “C,” “D” and even “F” grades, Leapfrog called them “cesspools of disease and infection.”

The Leapfrog Group is a nonprofit founded by employers and health-care providers. It measures medical errors, accidents, injuries and infections to rank hospitals nationwide, and makes general recommendations to improve patient safety. Leapfrog scores are used to determine a patient’s risk of further injury or infection if they visit a certain hospital. To find a hospital’s grade, visit