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DC 37-backed candidates win in special elections


Four Democratic Party candidates endorsed by DC 37 won their special elections that took place on April 24.

In the Bronx’s 32nd State Senate District election, Assembly member Luis Sepulveda beat Republican Patrick Delices. In the race to represent Westchester County’s 37th Senate District, Assembly member Shelley Mayer defeated Republican Julian Killian.

In Queens, Aridia Espinal will now represent the 39th District in the state Assembly. Her seat was vacated by Francisco Moya, who now serves on the City Council. Espinal will serve in Albany until December.

Harvey Epstein won a seat in the state Assembly and will represent Manhattan’s 74th District. That seat was also vacant.

With the victories of Mayer and Sepulveda, Democrats now have 32 seats in the Senate, but the balance of power in Albany will likely not change. Brooklyn Democrat Sen. Simcha Felder plans to continue voting with Republicans, regardless of the results of these special elections.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo vowed to increase the pressure on Felder to return to the Democratic fold. Cuomo recently persuaded a group of Democrats to break with the Independent Democratic Conference. The IDC has voted with Republicans and helped maintain their power in the Senate.