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Manhattan District Attorney: Tahanie Aboushi

From a hard-working Palestinian immigrant family, Tahanie Aboushi learned from an early age after her father’s arrest and incarceration, that the legal system is unequal and that liberty and justice are not for all.

She has spent her adult life as an outspoken progressive attorney, demanding fair treatment for her clients, regardless of background. In her career, Aboushi has defended those who have been mistreated and wronged by society. Understanding the destructive impact of mass incarceration for families and communities, she sees that the legal system’s lack of support ultimately undermines the safety of New Yorkers.

In her legal practice, Aboushi has been fearless in her quest in fighting back against racism and the abuse of power. In her personal experience, she sees this as a time to fundamentally change the role and function of our legal system

As Manhattan’s District Attorney, Aboushi will establish a Police Accountability Unit, to investigate police officers who engage in misconduct and use excessive force. She will support legislation to hold police accountable and supports criminal justice reform.

To Aboushi, “public safety means stability.” She believes that the role of the prosecutor is to stand back and allow community-based organizations to address root causes of crime while acting as a partner to these groups.

She will create a unit in the District Attorney’s office to focus on wage theft and worker protections, investigating and prosecuting employers and landlords in cases including, wage theft, payroll tax fraud, health and safety violations, including deaths and injuries caused by negligence.