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Public Employee Press: PEP Talk

Union endorsements for June 22 Primary election

Manhattan City Council candidates

Jenny Low (District 1)

A passionate community advocate and the current Administrative Director to the New York City Council Speaker, Jenny Low supports the most vulnerable in her community. She has achieved historic wins for women and people of color. Her priorities for the district include COVID-19 recovery for families and small businesses, public schools, and affordable housing.

Carlina Rivera (District 2)

Currently the Chair of the NYC Council Committee on Hospitals, Councilmember Carlina Rivera has represented District 2 since 2017. She advocates tirelessly for COVID-19 relief and recovery for New York families and businesses. Rivera helped pass legislation that supports DC 37 and its members. Her priorities for the district are affordable housing, COVID-19 recovery and small business survival, equitable healthcare and transportation.

Erik Bottcher (District 3)

Erik Bottcher is a dedicated public servant and activist who embraces the vision of a society free of systemic racism and bias. He advocates for COVID-19 recovery to bring back jobs and small businesses. His priorities for the district include quality education for all, services for the homeless, affordable housing, public safety, and criminal justice reform.

Keith Powers (District 4)

As Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, Councilmember Keith Powers worked to overhaul the criminal justice system and change the culture of New York City’s jails. He introduced legislation to protect tenants’ rights and prevent unlawful evictions, preserve affordable housing, make it easier to run for office, broaden sexual harassment protections, and protect small businesses. His priorities include criminal justice reform, transportation, education, and healthcare.

Julie Menin (District 5)

An attorney and civic leader with more than two decades of experience in the public and private sectors, Julie Menin most recently served as the New York City Census Director. Her priorities for the district include education, jobs, transportation, and streets.

Gale Brewer (District 6)

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer is well qualified to return to the City Council seat she held for 12 years. Brewer is a longtime friend of labor and ally of working families. Her record has consistently advanced the interests of DC 37 and its members. Brewer’s priorities for the district include education, sustainable green jobs, increased funding for public hospitals and social services, and COVID-19 recovery for families and small businesses.

Shaun Abreu (District 7)

Housing, education, youth programs, and small business are among Shaun Abreu’s priorities for the upper Manhattan district. “In New York City, a worker’s salary is not enough to navigate the increasing cost of living, from rent and food, paying utilities and transportation, and student loans, among other things. This is why we must achieve pay equity and apply pressure to the incoming Mayor to do right by DC 37 and its locals,” said Shaun Abreu.

Diana Ayala (District 8)

Diana Ayala chairs the NYC Council Committee on Consumer Affairs and Business Licensing. Councilmember Ayala is an ally of working families and DC 37. She helped pass the City’s most comprehensive mental health legislation in decades.
Ayala continues to advance legislation that addresses the needs of working families and labor. Her priorities for the district include mental health, education, and affordable housing.

Carmen De La Rosa (District 10)

Carmen De La Rosa’s advocacy and passion for justice are deeply influenced by her roots as a lifelong District 10 resident.
As a member of the New York State Assembly, De La Rosa led the passage of the state Dream Act. She sponsored legislation for a billionaire’s tax, which would help close the budget gaps the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated. Carmen De La Rosa’s priorities for District 10 include housing justice, education equity and workers’ rights.