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Public Employee Press: PEP Talk

Personal Service Unit (PSU)

Help for anxiety

The Personal Service Unit (PSU) of DC 37’s Health and Security Plan offers information and coping techniques for anxiety.

This past year has been filled with challenges, disruptions, fears, and losses. As we transition to increasing in-person activities, we may feel additional anxiety, a mental health condition characterized by feelings of worry and fear that may interfere with one’s daily activities. Common physical symptoms are panic attacks, racing heart rate, chest palpitations, rapid breathing and irritability. Common psychological symptoms are racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, catastrophizing, or obsessive thinking.

The following are some useful strategies for coping with anxiety:

  • Pay attention to your thoughts as they influence your feelings and behavior. Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with ones that are more realistic and provide a balanced perspective.
  • Deep breathing, meditation, grounding techniques, imagery and journaling can provide release.
  • Recognize the challenges that you have already overcome this past year; remind yourself of your strengths and resilience.
  • Redevelop your morning/before work routine, anticipate stressors, and emotionally prepare to return to in-person activities.
  • Acknowledge your feelings; reach out for support and professional help if needed.