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Crossing Guard saves Queens man

President Shaun D. Francois I, with Dornford, at P.S. 195 in Rosedale Oct. 7, said, “It’s exciting to see DC 37 members, the city’s Everyday Heroes, do what they do — keep people safe and save lives!”

A Local 372 School Crossing Guard helped a man who passed out while crossing a busy intersection near P.S. 195 in Rosedale, Queens on Oct. 7.

“It was my first day at the post and this man was pulling a very heavy cart. When he reached the yellow divider, he slowed down and just collapsed,” said Crossing Guard Alana Dornford. “He hit his head. I went to help and immediately I called 911.”

The man lay unconscious as Dornford redirected traffic on 149th Avenue around him.

“One driver stopped to help. His mother was walking behind him and she held him in a sitting position as we waited for EMS to arrive,” Dornford said.

The pedestrian regained consciousness before the ambulance arrived.

Local 372 President Shaun D. Francois I was in the school building and rushed to the incident.

Dornford said, “This was the first time I had to respond to a medical emergency while on duty. I was a little nervous. I panicked a little but he told me I did the right thing.”

Local 372 Crossing Guard Alana Dornford called 911 to help a man who collapsed on 149th Ave. in Queens.
Tire marks skid the streets of the intersection near P.S. 195, where L. 372 Crossing Guard Alana Dornford works.
Dornford works the intersection that has a stop sign, but no traffic light. A Crossing Guard for three years, she said she steps into the street and blows her whistle to slow down speeding drivers on the busy Queens avenue.

“The street is very wide and streaked with tire marks. I’m happy I was here and able to help,” Dornford said. The next day she saw the same man at her 149th Avenue post. “He was dressed for work.”

“Ms. Dornford did a tremendous job,” Francois said. “Her quick actions safeguarded this man and his mother. She is a fine example of the dedication Local 372 members show every day on the job as they protect school children and people in the community.”