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DC 37 and the city’s housing crisis

Last year, homelessness skyrocketed by 40 percent in New York City.


Not when you consider our worsening affordable housing crisis.

Tens of thousands, members of our union family are among city residents burdened by extremely high rents and home prices. This has driven many
DC 37 members and retirees out-of-state to find cheaper homes.

We have taken steps to assist our union family:

  • Several years ago, we were alarmed to learn that as many as 200 members were homeless despite having a steady job with benefits. We reached out to them, offering help for finding housing.
  • The DC 37 Municipal Employees Housing Program helps members purchase homes and rentals.
  • Our housing committee regularly sponsors events, educating members about the housing crisis and provide information about buying a home.
  • The union works with community partnerships to fight the weakening of rent stabilization and other laws that protect tenants. We are proud to represent Local 1359 members, who are responsible for upholding state rent regulations.

The union does its best to assist members. But the affordable housing crisis demands a comprehensive fix.

While more needs to be done, we applaud the de Blasio administration for taking important steps to address the housing issue.

The city’s affordable housing program aims to create 300,000 affordable homes, which would be enough for the entire population of Boston.

In January, the city announced additional initiatives to find property for affordable housing.

Under a new local law, the Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development is required to collect information on vacant lots that could be used for housing. Another new law requires HPD to report each year on its inventory of vacant lots, where thousands of affordable homes could be created.

We urge you to explore the help we offer at DC 37. But, as we noted, the affordable housing crisis requires a political solution. We encourage you to join our efforts to make the city more affordable for its public service workers.