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Edited by Alfredo Alvarado

Casa de la Cultura Navarrate theater group performs on opening night.

Hispanic Heritage celebrated

The union’s Latino Heritage Committee kicked off its annual month of events in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Committee Chair Carmen Flores welcomed members to the opening celebration on Sept. 11 at DC 37.

The evening featured a short play by Casa de la Cultura de Navarrate, with a cast made up of union members.

Invited guest Jessica Ramos, director of Latino Media for the mayor’s office and a former staffer at Social Services Employees Local 371 and a regional branch of the Service Employees International Union, spoke and acknowledged the hard work of DC 37 and its contributions to the city’s labor movement.

“DC 37 is invaluable to making our city great,” Ramos said.

DC 37 Executive Director Henry Garrido spoke out in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and said the union will continue to fight for all New Yorkers, whether they are union members or not. The audience broke out in applause when Garrido said Local 983 member Joseph Molina had won his deportation case. Local 983 and DC 37 supported the Molina family’s fight to block the deportation.

“We have a moral responsibility to fight the good fight,” Garrido said.

The committee’s finale, sponsored by Locals 1549 and 372, is on Oct. 6 at DC 37 and starts at 5:30 p.m.