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DC 37 Health & Security Plan Benefits

DC 37 Optical Fee Schedule

Optical Fee Schedule effective November 8, 2002.

Eye Examination $6.00
Single Vision Lenses (Standard lenses) $9.00
Bifocal Lenses (Standard lenses) $16.00
Trifocal Lenses (Standard lenses) $20.00
Progressive Lenses (Standard lenses) $16.00
Frame $5.00
Plastic Aspheric Single Vision Cataract Lenses $40.00
Plastic Aspheric Bifocal Cataract Lenses $65.00
Contact Lenses $14.00
Cataract Contact Lenses* $45.00

*If you are Medicare eligible, you must use Medicare as the primary (first) carrier when you submit a claim for cataract lenses. In addition, if you use the Vision Center for this service, a claim must be completed and submitted for processing to Medicare.