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About Us

The DC 37 Latino Heritage Committee celebration in September
The DC 37 Latino Heritage Committee celebration in September

DC 37 Latino Heritage Committee

Doris Hernandez Murphy
Executive Vice President, SSEU Local 371

Vice Chair
Isabel Figueroa
1st Vice President, Local 420

Meetings as required, daytime and evening

Major events in September & October for Latino Heritage

Major events in November for Puerto Rican Heritage

Mission Statement
The committee seeks to involve our members in the union, in the political process and in their communities through the Puerto Rican and Latino Heritage Celebrations.

The committee’s mission is to give the membership the opportunity to learn and share the experiences and culture of our Latino brothers and sisters. We provide a forum for our members to learn more about their union and discuss issues that affect them, such as education, health, immigration and jobs, in order to bring their insights back to their communities. We seek to help rank-and-file Latino members become leaders within their respective locals and within DC 37 as a whole.

A Latino scholarship fund will be set up to help DC 37 members’ children and grandchildren attend college.