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About Us

DC 37 Housing Committee

Dennis Ifill, Local 1359

Meetings scheduled for the first Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the 5th Floor Conference Room.

Major annual events include a November/December Holiday Giving Drive and a spring Housing Conference.

Mission Statement
The DC 37 Housing Committee will engage in activities to determine the needs and desires of the Council’s membership for decent and affordable housing, including home ownership. We will seek solutions to the problems caused by the shortage of affordable housing for poor, working class and middle-income families. Through DC 37, the Housing Committee will work cooperatively with other public and private, community-based, citywide, statewide and national organizations and offices. We will join with them to develop strategies and activities and to plan and implement projects and programs that address the housing needs of our members and their families. We will organize and present educational forums and provide information to DC 37 members on housing issues. We hope to motivate members to be part of the struggle to achieve decent and affordable housing for all working families.