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About Us

May’s committee meeting with new Chair Shaun D. Francois I.
May’s committee meeting with new Chair Shaun D. Francois I.

DC 37 Health/Disability Advisory Committee

Laura Morand, Local 2627

Denise McLaine, Local 372

Meetings scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month.

Mission Statement

To develop and support a network between DC 37 and the various health resources (i.e. authors, magazines, speakers, doctors, etc.) towards meeting our members’ health and nutrition needs.

To increase participation and to encourage creative, innovative and common ideas that promote the growth of the health, nutrition and spiritual agenda.

To advocate for the improvement of overall body wellness by identifying and strengthening the appropriate philosophy, factual research, and inspirational strategies to keep our mission fun and refreshing.

To advocate for and educate our disabled members. We will work to make our communities aware that disabled does not necessarily mean unable. We will work to find new opportunities for our disabled members, and to reduce discrimination and advance the cause of all disabled individuals.

To become an organized, high energy-efficient, motivational union resource whose service operates with integrity, equality, honest values and quality. To set a proud example by upholding the dignity, power and solidarity of DC 37.